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WordPress Crowdfunding Lite

You can now add crowdfunding to your current WordPress site without changing your existing theme.  Our crowdfunding theme is a full featured software package that allows you to build a crowdfunding site completely from scratch.  We are now introducing Crowdfunding Lite, a GBS add-on that partners with our ecommerce plugin to add Crowdfunding capabilities to your existing WordPress website.

This add-on includes all the core functions of our Crowdfunding theme, without being locked into to any specific design.  It also includes templates for your projects and project indexes, which fit comfortably within most WordPress themes.  This not only enables you to include funding opportunities alongside your site’s current thriving content, it opens up the design possibilities to nearly every existing WordPress theme.

Here is a project page in action within WordPress’ default Twenty Twelve theme:


The templates can also be modified and overwritten in a child theme to further customize the project related pages.