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WordPress Crowdfunding Theme: v2 Software Updates

Our crowdfunding software packages include the GBS ecommerce plugin and our Crowdfunding theme for WordPress. In this latest update of our WordPress Crowdfunding theme, we’ve added some new features and made a few important changes that we think you’re going to absolutely love. Current GBS members can easily update their Crowdfunding theme and the GBS plugin from the friendly confines of their WP dashboard thanks to our one-click automatic software updates. Completing the update should only take a few seconds and you’ll be able to immediately begin using these new features.

Submit Project Reward Levels
Project creators can now easily create multiple reward levels for their projects without the intervention of the administrator. For each level, the project creator may enter a stock-keeping unit (SKU) number, a title, set a unique price, enter the maximum funds, and input a description.

Create project reward levels with custom invoice codes

Locations And Subscriptions
Most fundraising projects start at the local level so it only made sense to allow administrators and project creators are able to take advantage of this. Thus, we’ve added fields to the project submission form so that project creators may set the location(s) for each project they submit. A new subscription widget allows the administrator to easily display project categories or locations in which visitors may subscribe. When a new project is published, subscribers to that specific location or category will be notified via email.

City subscription for WP Crowdfunding theme by GBS

Add cities to WP Crowdfunding theme for GBS

Project Updates And Backer Comments
We recently refactored the way project updates were handled. This change allows project creators to easily post a project update using rich text formatting to easily embed images, videos, and other content. Furthermore, we created a section where visitors and backers may quickly and easily post questions for the project creators.

WP Crowdfunding theme project creator update submissions

WP crowdfunding theme project commenting

Backer Profiles
An important aspect of crowdfunding is the ability to empower people and promote community involvement. Getting people involved in an online community requires that you give them the tools to actually do so. After implementing backer comments for each project, it only made sense to build out their user profiles. The new user profiles display the username, the date he/she joined, the user’s uploaded image, latest comments, and all the projects for which he/she has contributed.

WP Crowdfunding contributor profile

Each project now shows who’s funding it! Profile images will display in the sidebar for each project’s page.
WordPress Crowdfunding software fundraising contributors