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Smart Offers Theme

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Crowd Response Theme


CrowdFunding Theme

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JumpStart Theme

JumpStart WordPress CrowdFunding Theme

Theme Features

Including themes tailored to the needs of Daily Deals and eCommerce websites.
Each theme is full featured, integrated with WordPress’

CFS integrates seamlessly into the WordPress CMS to make it easy for you to control your websites content and design. You can upload your own logo, create blog posts, modify settings, change the default fonts and color scheme (including add custom CSS), customize email notifications, embed analytics code, and replace any text generated by CFS with your own terminology or translation — all from within the WordPress admin! For more advanced customizations, CFS uses WordPress’ fantastic templating system for easy customizations without breaking any update paths. The CFS theme and SeC framework contain numerous filters, hooks, and actions for your customization needs.

Custom login pages provide an improved experience for the end user compared to seeing the default WP profile page. Users can also login and register using their Facebook accounts with Facebook connect.

Allow users to subscribe to locations to be informed when a new project is launched in their selected area. You can easily add new locations and assign them to projects with a click of a button. We’ve integrated this feature to work with email subscription services MailChimp and Constant Contact.

CFS also includes the ability to login and register on the checkout page to reduce fallout.

We’ve added social sharing channels like Twitter and Facebook into CFS to help you push more traffic to your site. CFS also supports Facebook Connect which allows users to quickly and easily register and login. What’s more, we’ve added support for Bit.ly thereby permitting you to track how many views each project receives.

Growing your email list is an important component for any successful website. It’s an indispensable tool for communicating with users about new fundraising projects, upcoming events, and the latest news about your services. Within just a few minutes you can start building your email newsletter using MailChimp or Constant Contact.