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v2.4: Improved Project Creator, Fundraising Campaign Submission Process

Today we are releasing new versions of our JumpStart and CrowdFunding themes for WordPress. Version 2.4 offers a new project creator and fundraising submission process along with some other minor optimizations (layout updates, template adjustments) to the back end system.

In response to a popular feature request we have modified the way the project creator registers and submits a fundraising campaign. After submitting a fundraising project, the user was previously directed to the account registration page and then to the sponsor (aka project creator) registration page. This process was broken up for simplicity but it was not as efficient as it could be. To improve this, we have consolidated the previous steps so the project creator can enter his or her information quickly while also simultaneously submitting a fundraising campaign on the same page. While the title of ‘Sponsor’ is given to the project creator by default, you can easily change the title to fit your own unique site.

submit campaign and sponsor profile

We would like to thank all our wonderful users for their feedback on this specific feature request. We are very pleased to implement these changes for you and we will continue to release new features as the need arises. If you have any questions, please post them to the dedicated forum for your theme.