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JumpStart: A New Crowdfunding Theme For WordPress

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest crowdFunding theme for WordPress called JumpStart. We’ve been listening closely to the crowdfunding community to integrate new ideas and suggestions like user controlled pledge amount, location based projects, visual progress elements and much more.

JumpStart WordPress CrowdFunding Theme

Here’s a brief rundown of the new theme’s features:

New Homepage

JumpStart Homepage

The homepage includes a discovery tiled heading and project sliders.

New Project Page

Project Page

The new project page includes tabs for project details, a list of current backers, project updates form the project sponsor, community comments and pledge sections.

Sponsor Page

Sponsor Page

Sponsor pages show more detail about the sponsor and the projects offered. Sponsor pages also allow a method of community participation.

Profile Page

Profile Page

New profile page shows the user’s activity: pledged projects, sponsored projects and community comments.

Projects Directory


Navigation links in the sidebar allow for quick discovery and progress bars show the visitors where the project currently stands.

Sponsor Directory

Sponsor Directory

Sponsor directory with filter navigation.

Manually Set Pledges

Set Pledges

Allow users to set the pledge amount that they’d prefer or select a pledge with a reward.

Mega Menus

Mega Menu DropDowns

Large menu drop downs allow the visitor to quickly navigate the site.

Make sure to checkout the demo to see everything that our new JumpStart theme has to offer.

JumpStart Theme Demo

Admin credentials for this theme are available here.

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