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What is crowdfunding?
Crowd funding is a relatively new term used to describe a system in which people collectively pool their funds in an effort to raise money for a project or organization via the Web. For good examples of crowdfunding sites, see Kickstarter.com or IndieGoGo.com.
What is CrowdFunding Site?
CrowdFunding Site (CFS) is a set of specialty themes for the Smart eCart platform. CFS utilizes the SeC framework allowing the administrator to quickly and easily deploy a crowdfunding website where organizations and businesses may submit projects and seek funding.
Do you have a demo?
What features are included?
You can find all the features listed here and here in detail.
Can it be customized?
Yes, you can easily add your own logo, change the background color/image, select colors for theme elements, and select font types using the theme customizer. Beyond that, you may also modify the CSS/code if you want to further change the design. If you don’t know how to do that, you can contact a developer with experience to request a quote for any custom design or feature you need. The software is unencrypted so you can completely modify it to fit your needs. We provide a template (WordPress child theme) for you to apply custom CSS/code changes. This allows you to update to a new version of the software without losing your modifications. Experience with our software is preferred but it’s not necessary to create a custom design. If you already have a developer, just make sure he or she has plenty of experience with WordPress, PHP, and CSS.
How are funds received?
All payments from contributors go directly to your payment gateway account and then you can independently payout the project creators minus whatever fees you decide to charge. You can use the Live Sales Stats add-on to log the percentage share for each project creator and track what they should be paid when the project ends. We don’t add any hard settings to the software so you can payout the project creators however you want (e.g. check, bank account, payment gateway, etc.) and whenever you want after the project ends. The only exception to this is if you choose PayPal Adaptive Payments as your payment gateway provider. In this case, PayPal will automatically send the project creator a portion (amount set by you) of each contribution with the remainder going to your PayPal account. In order to use this option however, each project creator must have a PayPal account to automatically receive the funds. You can find information about the supported payment gateway options here.
Can our site offer fixed funding (all-or-nothing) and flexible funding options?
Yes. Fixed funding means that the project will not receive any funds if the funding goal is not met. Flexible funding means that the project will receive the funds regardless if the goal is met or not. Our unique funding limits and goal features permit you to set a specific funding goal, a minimum funding requirement (aka tipping point), as well as a maximum funding requirement. This allows you to completely customize the funding options separately for each fundraising campaign.
Do you take a cut of our profits?
No, we do not take any percentage of the revenue your site generates. This is actually impossible for us to do since we do not have access to your site and all payments go directly to your payment gateway account, not ours.
Is it easy to install?
Yes. You install WordPress and then upload the theme and the Smart eCart plugin included in your purchase. Most hosting providers have an easy 1-click installation option for WordPress. Here’s an example of how to install WordPress at GoDaddy. We provide step by step video instructions for installing the software and we can assist you with that once WordPress is installed. As long as the hosting provider you select offers an easy 1-click installation option for installing WordPress, we can install that for you too at no extra cost. Total time for installing WordPress and our software shouldn’t be more than 10-30 minutes. Once that’s done, you an begin configuring and customizing it.

Will I need help installing?

Smart eCart runs in combination with WordPress (WP) and most of the popular hosting providers offer a simple, one-click installation option for WP. Installing SeC is relatively simple as we provide you with step by step video instructions and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. However, if you prefer that install SeC and WP for you, contact us and we’ll complete the installation for a reasonable fee.

What documentation is included?

Both developers and customers are provided with extensive documentation to operate and configure the software, including video tutorials on dozens of topics.

What if I have support questions?

All members have access to the support forums which are actively maintained by our developers. If you have any questions, a quick search in the forums will usually result in a quick answer. We also provide numerous video tutorials and extensive documentation to assist you.

Can I request a feature?

Improvements to SeC and the addition of new features is a top priority for us. Feature requests may be submitted and voted on by all members. Voting helps determine which features are addressed in future updates to the software. If there is a feature you would like to see included with SeC, please login to your account and use the feature suggestion tool to let us know!

For more information, review the SeC FAQs or contact us.