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WordPress Crowdfunding Theme For Group Fundraising Available!

We are excited to announce the debut of our white label crowdfunding theme for WordPress. It is based on our popular and easy to use GBS platform which already boasts tons of awesome features and third party GBS add-ons. Akin to sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, our WordPress crowdfunding theme allows you to quickly create a crowdfunding site and begin accepting project submissions. In addition, our crowdfunding software includes many unique features and lots of flexibility so you or your developer can customize the CrowdFundingSite theme to fit your own needs.

Crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful means by which people can come together via the social Web to support various fundraising projects. Whether it’s an innovative product idea, video game, music album, charitable cause, or simply good-hearted people wanting to right a wrong, crowdfunding has proven to be incredibly successful for helping businesses, organizations, and people raise funds to make real change happen in the world.

The CrowdFundingSite theme (CFS) runs in combination with the GBS plugin and WordPress. Key CFS features include the ability to quickly register and create a sponsor profile, create fundraising projects, set multiple contribution levels, view and manage contributions, integrated social media tools, support for multiple payment gateways, and automatic software updates. The integration of WordPress (WP) and GBS permits the administrator to easily create blog posts, add content (e.g. pages, images, videos, etc.), instantly add new functionality via WP plugins and GBS add-ons, as well as modify the design. CFS comes with a theme template allowing you to apply custom CSS/code without losing your modifications when updating to a new software version.

The CFS crowdfunding theme for WordPress includes a killer feature of group buying that allows you to set a minimum funding goal required to tip the fundraising campaign. This feature is particularly useful for small fundraising projects and events where groups of people want to split the costs of things such as gifts, vacations, trips, and parties. Normally when a group of people want to share the costs of something, a single individual from the group has to pay upfront for everyone and then contact the others to be reimbursed. Setting a tipping point for a group-funded campaign is a much better solution because no one in the group is charged unless that campaign meets its fundraising goal. To purchase CFS and review the exhaustive list of features it offers check out the crowdfunding software pricing page.

Please take a few moments now to test the CrowdFundingSite demo. If you have any questions about our new WordPress crowdfunding theme, please see the FAQs or contact us via email.

Listed projects on CFS crowdfunding theme for WordPress

Recent project listings on homepage

Create fundraising project using Crowdfunding theme for WP

Project submission

Sponsor directory page for crowdfunding theme for WordPress

Sponsors directory

Fundraising compaign on Crowdfunding theme for WP

Fundraising project

User view of account for WordPress Crowdfunding theme

User’s view of his/her account

Projects funded by user on WordPress Crowdfunding theme

Projects the user funded

WordPress Crowdfunding theme shopping cart

Shopping cart

Sponsor's dashboard on WordPress Crowdfunding template

Sponsor’s dashboard

WordPress Crowdfunding template blog posts

Dedicated blog page with listed posts

Admin theme style features for WordPress Crowdfunding template

Administrative view of theme styling page

Project sponsors on WordPress Crowdfunding theme

Administrative view of registered sponsors

Project management page for WordPress Crowdfunding theme

Admin’s view of project management page